This is not the important thing…

I don’t know, i just feel boring right now. I need to do something so i choose to write something on my blog. Well, maybe i still wanna tell you about my feelings, still hurt but maybe better than yesterday..

Everyday i pray to Jesus, i pray for my parents, my little sister Tita, my servant mbak Yayuk, and my ex-boyfriend. Actually, i never ask God to make us in love again or to make us back together, i always pray the best for him and of course for our relationship. I ask God, if this separate is the best for us, please give me a strong heart to face it all. But, if God want us to be together again someday, please make a way.

I often imagine about what am i doing right now if i’m still with him. Maybe i can feel so glad now, but when i realize the fact, oh God……..i feel down again and i just can feel sorry about that 😦 how pathetic i am, am i?

My mom’s already know about my problem. She hugged me when i cried yesterday, since that, i feel a little bit better than before. But, actually i still wanna know where is Ucok right now, what is he doing right now, with who is he right now, and the worst, does he have a new girlfriend right now? I don’t know… I miss him..


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